Eternal Dance Company (EDC) is a dance company located in Tempe, Arizona. EDC is not a dance studio. It is a company in which dancers have to audition to be part of. However, we do offer drop in classes and combo classes for ages 4-18 yr olds.

EDC is dedicated to not only upholding strong dance education and knowledge but is an avenue for dancers who are looking for creative self-expression, competition/convention opportunities, traveling, and social networking through dance. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of professionalism and sportsmanship in the dance community.

est. 2023

Our Vision

Is to foster a supportive and engaging environment where dancers can thrive. Together, we will build up strong, confident, and successful individuals who inspire and uplift each other with a family atmosphere, self-discovery, and artistic expression.

Our Mission

Is to provide exceptional mentoring and guidance to help our dancers set and achieve their goals in and outside of the dance studio. With our inclusive culture and small engaging classes, we empower Individuals to embrace their unique talents and strengths.