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We are looking for upbeat dance educators to help us grow our program! These individuals would interact with and/or teach intermediate to advanced-level dancers ages 6-18. This position would require you to be available during the weekdays and possibly some weekends.

Our Mindset

Here at Eternal Dance Company (EDC) students are their own individuals, and each student is different and has their own path. It's important to us to be personable with each family and make them feel included in their student's journey. One of our main goals is to train in every style and keep a well-rounded dancer. But, overall we want our students constantly working on character growth and professionalism, we believe in building great dancers and even better humans. 

We choose to use familiar and upbeat music that is age appropriate to make the hour fun, but also educational. We put a big emphasis on a strong technical foundation so that dancers are able to move in whatever direction they choose as they get older. Our more advanced dancers are encouraged to become true artists and to express their own creative voices. We strive to be organized and have lesson plans so that classes run productively and smoothly.

Apply Today

Fill out our employment application packet and email your resume to info@eternaldancecompany.com

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